Easy Care Blood Sugar Monitoring Device + 10 Test Strips


– Blood required 0.5 μL
– The time of announcement is 5 seconds
– Storage of 300 test results
– The fastest machine on the market for home use
– Perform the test with the lowest amount of drop of blood
– Calculation of ambient temperature to reduce the test error
– Calculates the average 14-day results
– Contains 10 free blood glucose test strips
– English language instruction book
– Frequency of relevant test strip
– The price is very low considering the facilities
– Equipped with calendar and clock
– Easy coding and calibration
– Possibility of blood sampling from palms and forearms in addition to fingertips
– Includes: 10 blood glucose test devices, needle testing, 10 test strips, test instruments (lanest or needle), device battery, maintenance bag and manual



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